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Jul. 16th, 2011 06:36 pm
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Gwen taking charge is such a turn on...
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It's been long, blah blah blah, shame on me, blah blah blah...

And then on to business.

This is about Warehouse 13. Expect spoilers but don't expect coherence. )
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I admit it, I still haven't watched Spartacus Blood and Sand so I don't really know about all the cool stuff that happens in the show. I did know that Jaime Murray will be in Spartacus Gods of the Arena. And I did see the cute bit with her petting Lucy's head. But since I don't really know much about the show I only thought it's so cute how they're getting along so well. But now...

Holy Mother of Femslash!!! )
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It seems I've stopped caring what happens in Lip Service. I'll still continue watching it, absolutely. I want to know how it ends. But... something died. Obviously it seems to be for the best but I did not expect it. Huh.

I'll say something though because I do enjoy seeing Heather Peace and Laura Fraser on my screen )
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I admit it. During the latest episode I got bored. Bugger.
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It rendered me speechless for a bit. There was a slight sensory overload at the end.

My small amount of coherent thoughts )
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For me the best thing about Lip Service is Laura Fraser. I simply adore her. Even more after she said in an interview that she’d happily play a lesbian for the rest of her life. I would happily watch her play a lesbian for the rest of mine.

thoughts, and a clip from episode 2! )
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Spanish are nice. They have cute lesbians on tv, and even when they're just secondary characters they still get to be cute in the background. It was about time they showed one of these shows on our tv. Makes watching crazy people more entertaining.

click to see more cuteness )
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I decided to put my hate for Angie Harmon on hold and check Rizzoli & Isles. And yeah, it's pretty damn slashy. So guess I'll have to watch it. I just have to take it easy first and stay away from the squee. It's not easy to bury such hate. But I'll try, for the slash.

I also started watching Warehouse 13. I've been looking for new shows to watch and so far only that has been interesting enough to continue. Hope it doesn't go bad. Watching this show makes me miss Middleman for some reason. Don't know why... I wanted to watch Covert Affairs but the mystery dream guy thing was too much for me. And ok, some other things too. Also checked out Haven but it was too meh. I'm very pleased though that Futurama is back. The latest ep was much fun. Gotta love the dancing cats. Trying to catch up with In Plain Sight too. I'm way behind and only now watching season 2.

So, is there a point to this post? Not really. I just haven't been in the mood to squee lately and been neglecting my fangirl duties. But I feel I have to post something. I'm trying to make a new vid but the right mood eludes me. I don't like hot summer. It drains the last of my non-existent energy. I hope I can get some of that energy back when my Batwoman Elegy finally arrives. It deserves squee, I know it.

I love Halestorm.
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This is just about the finale of Legend of the Seeker because obviously no matter what happened it was a big deal and I want to do my own post and I've never done a detailed one before and this might be my last chance. Besides, everyone loves picspams, right? Right.

Cara and Kahlan are in charge here )

I vote Cara and Kahlan for Lords of the Universe.

I know people are still trying to save the show even though the chances don't look good. I'm happy they're trying but I have to back away now and start adjusting to it being over. If a miracle happens then I'll be overjoyed but if it doesn't I have to be prepared. I will always love this show for the amazing things it has given us but right now for me this was the end. Cara & Kahlan lived happily ever after, together, in fanfiction.
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I was away for all of last week and haven't had time to watch all shows.

Legend of the Seeker, V, FlashForward )
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Yeah, I'm sure I watched other shows this week but Legend of the Seeker broke me. It took me twice the time of the episode to watch it because I had to stop so many times to squee and cool off. So all this post is about is Legend of the Seeker. THE MOST EPIC SHOW EVER.

I just need to let this stuff out so I can actually do something else today )
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Yeah, I was going to eventually do my stupid little weekly recap for last week but I was so disappointed with the censoring of South Park and now everyone is saying that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled so I can't. I just feel sad and want to throw up.
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Since I can't come up with much posting I decided to start making a list of what I've watched during the week. And then possibly make a comment or two about it. With very few words in most cases because yeah, that's what I do. Fascinating stuff.

Skins, FlashForward, South Park, 30 Rock, Legend of the Seeker, United States of Tara (there, list done) )


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