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This is just about the finale of Legend of the Seeker because obviously no matter what happened it was a big deal and I want to do my own post and I've never done a detailed one before and this might be my last chance. Besides, everyone loves picspams, right? Right.

First I have to say that seeing this ep cemented my idea that the previous ep was a complete waste of time and story. Whoever came up with it should be subjected to some of this... ...among other things. Ok, not really, but kinda, just a little. Fine, I just love this .gif and wanted to use it.
(.gif by [ profile] lrbcn )


I'm still not giving up on my OTP, Cara/Kahlan will always be it for me, but Cara and Dahlia were canon and one can't say it's ever a bad thing. So I'm very unhappy that they undid their history, and that they undid the amazing ep that is Eternity. Just not cool at all, show. After it happened I had this thought that maybe during the ep Cara could even briefly come across the non-Mord'Sith Dahlia but of course I also knew it wasn't possible. One more storyline for third season though if there was any justice in the world. But like I said, canon schmanon, Cara/Kahlan OTP 4ever!

And therefore I'm gonna mostly concentrate on the good stuff, especially since last week there was no such thing.

Once again Kahlan and Cara save the day (the world, everything etc) after Richard manages to royally screw up. The show seriously could use a name change, maybe that would get them another season.

Zedd yells "thank the spirits!" when Cara appears in all her glory and though I kinda hate Zedd right now I can't help but agree with him on this because you know, it's Cara, in all her glory.

"Kahlan's right." Hee hee... you can't honestly keep telling me Cara still serves Richard.

Case in point:

Zedd who? I have no idea what you're talking about. (Don't ever tell a shipper she's reaching when it comes to subtext!)

Also, synchronised head turning. And LOL Cara's hair!

Then Kahlan runs to confess Nicci and my shipper heart asks why Cara is letting her run there all by herself? Of course that is so Nicci's evil plan can work but... yeah, Cara wouldn't let her go alone because hello, it's IHaveSoMuchHanYouWouldn'tBelieve!Nicci. D'oh!

So, Nicci ends up confessing Kahlan which is pretty fucking awesome. "Command me, Mistress."

As a sidenote: I've been finally watching some of season 1 and was kinda surprised how the confessed people kept calling the Confessors m'lady. I cannot express how happy I am they changed that. Who the hell would want to hear that from Kahlan?? It would be so lame.

Nicci wants Kahlan to kill Cara and of course she obeys her Mistress. Cara, knowing this would not be fight!sex, doesn't look like she wants any part of it.

I'm torn... is it because she's afraid she might kill Kahlan which obviously is out of the question (even if her Mistress is calling someone else Mistress) or is she afraid Kahlan might kill her because we have seen Kahlan (kinda) best her and then her trying very hard to convince herself she's better in a fight than Kahlan. Ok, so I'm thinking too much here, Cara just doesn't want to fight her gf if it isn't about sex. End of story.

Then "who's in charge here?" happens and I pause and squee and rewind a few times. Cara does this sniff thing which I really love for some reason and then goes to show the other Mord'Sith who the... HBIC I think they call it, is.

I love this show.

I won't cover all the fun stuff that happens between Kahlan and her Mistress because as I said before Cara/Kahlan OTP 4ever! One thing though... hand through glass! Awesome.

Cara is the master of archery which I absolutely adore and she offs Nicci which I also absolutely adore (and she looks really cute doing it, hee). You don't go confessing her gf and expect to live much longer. Die, bitch!

And this of course makes Kahlan go Con Dar and there are no words for how much this rocks. Guh.

How can Bridget Regan be so pretty...

After Cara and Zedd see that Nicci is finally sucking daisy roots (thank you, Bitch Slap) they think Kahlan has been released from confession and Cara couldn't run any faster to her but alas, the power of Con Dar is too mighty. I so fucking love the roar that's heard when Kahlan turns her head. And the sound Cara makes while backing away is hilarious.

Btw, why is it that Cara doesn't deflect the magic? Is the Confessor magic somehow immune to Mord'Sith magic? I'm still a little confused when it comes to Confessors and Mord'Sith and what they are to each other. Or does Cara back away just because she was already hoping Kahlan was ok and she's too shocked? Cara too shocked?? Sure it's Kahlan but... has Cara become a big softy when it comes to Kahlan? I mean bigger than before. If that's possible. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of Dahlia in her past...

Zedd says Kahlan needs to be killed and brought back to life. I squee. Finally it's gonna happen!!! The Breath of Life we have been waiting for!!! Cara takes aim and... well, she's just a big softy now when it comes to Kahlan. Didn't I just say that? *looks up* Yeah, I did. Ha! She hesitates and can't do it! *squishes Cara*

So why does Cara worry for one stupid second she can't revive her? Blah blah blah is what Zedd says but I'm not listening to him because he's the one who's stupid. The truth is Cara is hopelessly in love with the woman on that horse (yeah, I just yesterday got that joke, lol) and that made her hesitate. It's not easy to put an arrow through the person you love and Cara just learned it. But she's not giving up, the Mother Confessor still needs her Breath of Life. Cara is determined once again to give her just that.


ETA because... ok, I have no reason, it's just beyond embarrassing that I forgot. I blame the rain... Before The Fail Con Dar!Kahlan went on a rampage and it was beautiful. All that was missing was her gf from beside her. Con Dar rules the world.

more wonderful .gifs made by [ profile] lrbcn 

End show. To me the end was a bit different from what we saw because I like sailing on The Nile and pretending all kinds of nice things. Yeah, some very nice things...

by the amazing [ profile] fosforito4 
Spirits, I love this .gif so fucking much.

One more sidenote: While pointing out plotholes is always fun with this show it's kinda useless because the whole thing is essentially one big plothole. So I didn't bother.

ETA2: I feel like I should apologize for my Zedd-hating here. This was done in the aftermath of the episode and I didn't much care for him at that moment. Fine, I still don't but overall he's ok and I usually don't have these kinds of feelings toward him.

I vote Cara and Kahlan for Lords of the Universe.

I know people are still trying to save the show even though the chances don't look good. I'm happy they're trying but I have to back away now and start adjusting to it being over. If a miracle happens then I'll be overjoyed but if it doesn't I have to be prepared. I will always love this show for the amazing things it has given us but right now for me this was the end. Cara & Kahlan lived happily ever after, together, in fanfiction.


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