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Time to catch up, been too long. Topics include Birds of Prey, the last part of Homosexuality in Comics, Painkiller Jane, Justice League: The New Frontier and Y: The Last Man.

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I need to rant about this before I can let it go so here goes...

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I had this sudden need to make this so it was done in a hurry, I really should be sleeping already. I won't say anything about the reasons behind this video, I'll possibly make a separate post for that. This video does NOT contain spoilers for the latest eps, clips are from episodes 101-110. Music is Anywhere by Evanescence.

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Yes, Painkiller Jane pretty much sucks. I know... But I can't help but be happy to see Kristanna Loken every time I suffer through it. I blame The L Word for it, it's what got my Kristanna obsession started. So I try to be a good fangirl and just stick with it. I hate watching bad shows. I so hope something good enough to make it all worthwhile is in the future.

And I should finish watching the new Doctor Who season. I stopped because I just couldn't like Martha, I still miss Rose. But now that the season is over guess I have to. Why can't there be any tv shows anymore that are a joy to watch? I miss good tv...

Anyway, now that I mentioned good tv... I was supposed to write about going all fangirl for The Facts of Life but then the dog died and obviously don't feel like it right now. The show is a new thing for me, I've never seen it before. A while ago when I was working on my Tribute to Femslash music vid I tried to look for shows with subtext I didn't know about before and ran into it. Some kind person has been posting episodes on YouTube and I decided to give it a look. I was instantly hooked. Well I guess I should be honest and say I was instantly hooked on Jo. She was just wow. Yes, I have a thing for those tomboy types, and she had me the first time I saw her. So of course I kept on watching. And I kept on falling for her even more every episode. And then I started to see the interaction between her and Blair. And yeah, it was a moment of 'hello there'. You know there's something serious going on when you're watching these two together and all you can do is yell "would you kiss her already!". So now I'm a fan. And I seem to have written a long thing about it anyway... Oh well.
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I'm at work but I can't wait, I just have to post this now. Sarah Warn writes at today: "The Sci Fi channel has picked up Painkiller Jane for a second season, according to my sources." I really really hope her sources are correct about this. Yes the writing sucks but I'm still hoping for it to improve. And it means more Kristanna, woo!
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I've been totally lacking on the inspiration to write anything department for the week. And now suddenly I have loads to say when I should be working. Typical. Oh well, here we go...

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Painkiller Jane. Well I liked it. Still needs a bit of work but for a pilot it really wasn't bad. And I'm very critical about tv shows these days so I don't say this lightly. Even an actor I adore can't get me to stay on a series if everything else is crap. So although Kristanna still needs some improvement in the acting department I'll be happily watching the next ep and beyond.

Gail. Yes, I am thankful that she'll be writing Wonder Woman, I've been wanting this for long just like a lot of people. But knowing that Birds of Prey will go on without her takes most of the excitement away at this time. Maybe later I'll be able to be more happy about this.

And once again I'm too tired to really get into anything. People have been pissing me off the last few days. And then there's mom. But whatever, I think I'll go take a nap.

ETA: Don't want to create a new entry for this so I'll just add it here.
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There's an interview with Kristanna Loken at Comic Book Resources about Painkiller Jane.

Can't wait for it to start tomorrow. Although I'm gonna miss Kristanna on The L Word I really hope this show lives for a long time, she's invested so much in it.


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