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Ok, so I feel like writing something again. On to the comics land...

Spoilers )
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Time to say something again.

P.S. Yeah I changed the appearance, I liked the one I had but it was acting weird so I decided to try something else. Might change it again though because it's just not right...
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Painkiller Jane. Well I liked it. Still needs a bit of work but for a pilot it really wasn't bad. And I'm very critical about tv shows these days so I don't say this lightly. Even an actor I adore can't get me to stay on a series if everything else is crap. So although Kristanna still needs some improvement in the acting department I'll be happily watching the next ep and beyond.

Gail. Yes, I am thankful that she'll be writing Wonder Woman, I've been wanting this for long just like a lot of people. But knowing that Birds of Prey will go on without her takes most of the excitement away at this time. Maybe later I'll be able to be more happy about this.

And once again I'm too tired to really get into anything. People have been pissing me off the last few days. And then there's mom. But whatever, I think I'll go take a nap.

ETA: Don't want to create a new entry for this so I'll just add it here.
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So it took me days before I could even consider writing anything again after that... thing with BoP and Gail. Sigh...
Anyways, life goes on.


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