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That thumb is killing me right now.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Bridget Regan looks like Wonder Woman. Which gave me the idea to make a vid of Kahlan as Wonder Woman. I took the title song from the 70's Wonder Woman tv series (from season 1 with the fun lyrics) and turned LotS into another show :-P

Kahlan - Wonder Woman )
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This is just about the finale of Legend of the Seeker because obviously no matter what happened it was a big deal and I want to do my own post and I've never done a detailed one before and this might be my last chance. Besides, everyone loves picspams, right? Right.

Cara and Kahlan are in charge here )

I vote Cara and Kahlan for Lords of the Universe.

I know people are still trying to save the show even though the chances don't look good. I'm happy they're trying but I have to back away now and start adjusting to it being over. If a miracle happens then I'll be overjoyed but if it doesn't I have to be prepared. I will always love this show for the amazing things it has given us but right now for me this was the end. Cara & Kahlan lived happily ever after, together, in fanfiction.
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I was away for all of last week and haven't had time to watch all shows.

Legend of the Seeker, V, FlashForward )
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Yeah, I'm sure I watched other shows this week but Legend of the Seeker broke me. It took me twice the time of the episode to watch it because I had to stop so many times to squee and cool off. So all this post is about is Legend of the Seeker. THE MOST EPIC SHOW EVER.

I just need to let this stuff out so I can actually do something else today )
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So I went and promised at the Dollar Drive for LotS that I'd make the vid I've had bugging me for weeks now. I did want to make it but it's kinda embarrassing, I don't know why I get these ideas. But too late to complain, it's finished and has to be posted.

Title: Fetish
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
Song: Fetish by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Duration: 3:27
Episodes: up to 2x18
Note: I haven't a clue if this should have some kind of rating. All the clips are from the show but Joan sings what she sings...
Download: Megaupload (avi, 66MB)

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Yeah, I was going to eventually do my stupid little weekly recap for last week but I was so disappointed with the censoring of South Park and now everyone is saying that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled so I can't. I just feel sad and want to throw up.
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Since I can't come up with much posting I decided to start making a list of what I've watched during the week. And then possibly make a comment or two about it. With very few words in most cases because yeah, that's what I do. Fascinating stuff.

Skins, FlashForward, South Park, 30 Rock, Legend of the Seeker, United States of Tara (there, list done) )
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Nothing new to see, just posting this so it's here too...

Cara/Kahlan - The Pure & The Tainted )


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