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I was away for all of last week and haven't had time to watch all shows.

Legend of the Seeker 2x21 Unbroken

Show, I forgive you. You had a bad day and fucked up. It happens to everyone. I understand. I still love you. Just please don't let it happen again. Please.

I understand the whole thing with Kahlan and Richard had to happen, they are the main couple and I accept that. But show, I know you could've made that happen in a better way. I know you didn't have to make an episode where your female leads seem all weak and vulnerable and in need of a man. AND I KNOW YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO INCLUDE THAT FUCKING HORSEMAN IN ALL THIS!!! *deep breath* No no, I'm not mad. I'm just... disappointed because I know you can do so much better. I KNOW. The beginning of this episode was just what I'd expect, I was very hopeful. But a lame AU? Really??

If there's no happy reunion at all in the last ep I'm gonna be so fucking disappointed, more than I am now. Cara just called them her family! Families have happy reunions, no matter how fucked up they might be! Why is Cara suddenly the only one thinking they are a family? Cara the Mord'Sith who thinks she's not important! I know I'm ranting here before I've seen the last episode but I hate it when a show just suddenly seems to completely forget what's been happening along the journey when they reach the finale. Bringing back Cara after being broken again would've made a very interesting story considering the emotional attachment she's developed with the group. But no, they just had to use it as an excuse to take them to an AU where Richard and Kahlan can have a family and Cara can be reunited with... No, just no no no!

Boring is a word that should not have to be used about this show. There have been other eps that I didn't care much for but they always had something worth mentioning. I don't know if I had higher expectations for this ep that for the others but it just felt like it failed to deliver even the little the others have. Or it fell so flat that the tiny moments worth something were just completely overrun but the lame. I hope the last episode can redeem this even a little bit.

But really, I understand. It happens.

V 1x11 Fruition

Ok, I admit that the thought of a showdown between Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin is starting to intrigue me. And I hope Lisa really does turn to the Fifth Column. Yes, it's a miracle, I'm actually starting to care about something in this show. But luckily it's not much.

FlashForward 1x20 The Negotiation

I read that cancellation has been announced. Can't say that I'm surprised but I'm sad Janis will be no more.

Once again I was bored out of my skull every time Janis wasn't on screen. And for some reason the stupidity of these so called FBI agents keeps astonishing me though I should know better by now. Seriously, how many times has their boss watched the video of Suspect Zero? And he still can't tell that the video they saw was from a completely different angle??? Whatever. Demetri's wife kept annoying me beyond belief and I was sad to see it's rubbed off on Demetri. For fucks sake, I can't believe he suddenly wants to be the daddy! Go to Hawaii with your wife and stay there! Asshole... Couldn't expect Mark to take finding out about Janis well but he was harsh. She can't be doing very well with all the stress as it is. And well, then Simon appears waving his gun. I can imagine her banging her head against the wall wishing for a break already.


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