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V and Doctor Who

I have pretty much similar relationship with both. I couldn't care less but am still interested enough to keep watching.

United States of Tara 2x06 Torando

Nice to get a glimpse of the other alters again. Hope they'll show more of them in later eps. And Buck still thinks only of Pammy...

Legend of the Seeker 2x19 Extinction

Kahlan going *stab stab stab* was awesome. And that Keeper really doesn't sound scary, he's actually kinda lame and ridiculous. But honestly, it fits the show. What else could the 'devil' be in a cracky show like this. And all of his soldiers/servants are so inefficient!

Cara was gold like always. And she also brought adorable to a whole new level. She likes snow. And the Night Wisp. "Stop nagging! You remind me of Kahlan." And the rant about being much better than Kahlan. So much squee! And you know what? I truly think that Cara at this moment was the most beautiful thing Kahlan had ever seen.

Cara and Kahlan are totes the adoptive parents of all those wisps now.

FlashForward 1x18 Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Janis, lots of Janis! Dude, I choked on my coffee when Annabeth Gish showed up on the screen in an intimate setting with her. And woohoo! She's a double double agent! I knew it! I love you, Agent Hawk.


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