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Hmmmm... )

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That thumb is killing me right now.

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It's been long, blah blah blah, shame on me, blah blah blah...

And then on to business.

This is about Warehouse 13. Expect spoilers but don't expect coherence. )
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Spanish are nice. They have cute lesbians on tv, and even when they're just secondary characters they still get to be cute in the background. It was about time they showed one of these shows on our tv. Makes watching crazy people more entertaining.

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Bridget Regan Wonder Woman 2
by ~swidhalm on deviantART

She'd be so perfect. Holy Hannah this pic is awesome.

And here's another...

Bridget Regan as Wonder Woman by ~swidhalm on deviantART

This needs to happen.
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This is just about the finale of Legend of the Seeker because obviously no matter what happened it was a big deal and I want to do my own post and I've never done a detailed one before and this might be my last chance. Besides, everyone loves picspams, right? Right.

Cara and Kahlan are in charge here )

I vote Cara and Kahlan for Lords of the Universe.

I know people are still trying to save the show even though the chances don't look good. I'm happy they're trying but I have to back away now and start adjusting to it being over. If a miracle happens then I'll be overjoyed but if it doesn't I have to be prepared. I will always love this show for the amazing things it has given us but right now for me this was the end. Cara & Kahlan lived happily ever after, together, in fanfiction.
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The unrated DVD of Bitch Slap is available today but it’s gonna be a while until I get my copy. I decided to entertain myself with pretty pictures in the meantime.

Spoilers ahead, blah blah blah, also for deleted scenes, blah blah blah. It's pretty, how can you resist?!?

It's just pics and animations but it's worth it, I promise )
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It’s been so long since my trip now it’s probably time to post my travel report. Ok, I’ve had some trouble writing it because I’ve had a lot on my mind since coming back but can’t wait any longer so here goes...

I won’t recap the whole week, I’ll just focus on the highlights.

It was all about handball... (lots of bad pics included) )
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Almost the time now. Just 36 hours and I'll be on that plane. I'm terrified and so excited I can hardly sit still. I have no idea how I'll survive but hopefully I will. Can't miss all the cool stuff. But seriously, there's not really any reason for me to be posting this except...

More pretty pictures!!! )

Like I said, no idea how I'll survive... but I'm going anyway.

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A few months ago I didn't really pay any attention to handball. It was just one of those weird sports that I don't really understand. But now... well now I watch handball. A lot. Handball isn't a big thing in Finland for whatever dumbass reason so I had no idea what a big deal it is in other countries. But I'm happy to say my eyes have been opened and I'm slowly learning.

There's a very good reason why this new obsession started and I have a feeling some already know what that is. But let's have a reminder since it has been a while since the Olympics and those wonderful posts by [ profile] lysachan ...

Pretty pictures ahoy )

ETA: I've been told by the fantastic person who filmed that video from Katja that it was actually Katja's idea to make it. And I was told that I have to correct this misinformation so here is that correction. I was also told to stop fangirling and squeeing after I found out about this because I apparently sounded very embarrassing. But no, I won't stop. How cool is it that it was her idea?! *faints*

ETA2: One more correction I was told to make: ...that it was actually Katja's idea to make it INSTEAD OF THE CALL. (there, is it ok now??)
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I've been spending some time lately catching up on shows. Mostly my attention has focused on Life, Gossip Girl and Torchwood. While Torchwood is severely lacking on the femslashy subtext department (and yeah, nice way to end the season...) the other two, especially Gossip Girl, have more than made up for it.

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What do you do when your favorite show ends? Part of me wants to weep. Even if we knew there was going to be another season I'd still feel like something died. It's strange.

Anyway, the last eps of the season aired last night. Lots of good stuff there. 'The Demon Hand' last week confused me a lot so I haven't commented on it and I won't. But I'll say something about these two.

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Is there a reason to squee about this ep?

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I gushed about Kate McKinnon last year at some point. It was after I'd seen the first season of The Big Gay Sketch Show and fell for her. Now she's been on The Julie Goldman Celesbian Interviews Special as a co-host. Julie interviewed her in the first part. And they talked about how no one thinks Kate is lesbian. And I have to admit I didn't either. I was crushing on her and being all sad about her being straight (I just assumed). And now? I love her even more. And those glasses... *whimper*

Continued with pics and vids behind the cut )
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I officially decided that I love this show. I haven't felt this excited watching a tv show in a long time. So many things are great about it but... Sarah and Cameron are awesome. Even more so together. Ep 2 was a total Sarah/Cameron show. I'm not making this up, right? Others must've seen it too. It's right there! If Cameron wasn't a 'tin man' I'd say she's completely in love with Sarah. But the best part? Sarah tossing Cameron out the window. That was hilarious.

picspam behind the cut because I like to look at the pretty )
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This episode was very good. I'm liking the show even more now. And that's why I have to do a tiny picspam.


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