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It's been long, blah blah blah, shame on me, blah blah blah...

And then on to business.

- Like many others I didn't expect HG to make an appearance in the first ep already, or her to be the one who gets Myka to return to the warehouse.

- That scene with them was obviously the highlight of the ep, I was finding the whole thing a bit dull until then.

- It was all kinds of awesome and beyond with the ~feelings and almost tears and Myka going for the boobs just in case HG was really there after all... just everything!

- When Myka understood that HG isn't really there she almost sounded desperate, like for one moment she was worried about HG.

- Right after the scene I started thinking of ways for Myka to rescue HG, but then I realised that the short bit of HG in the promo was from this scene and I got afraid that this was the end of her on the show.

(look how happy HG is that Myka is trying to grope her)

- But then the wonderful interview with Joanne popped up and once again I have hope, so much hope. (Which isn't necessarily a good thing because all tv seems to do is stab me in the heart over and over again.)

- All I want is more epic scenes with Myka and HG. I'm not expecting the impossible, subtext is fine with me. AS LONG AS THERE ARE SCENES FOR US TO SEE IT IN. That's all I'm asking. It's not much, right?

- About this above bit. I've decided to call it holoporn though I'm not sure how appropiate using that name for anything is. But really, it kinda is, thanks to Jaime Murray and her... heavy..... breathing........

Where was I...?

Oh yes, one more thing. I'll list here the stuff Joanne Kelly said in that interview so I'll have them somewhere:

- "The relationship with Myka and HG will be even more interesting this season."

- "I don't think the tension between Myka and Pete has been particularly romantic."

- "If anything, I think the closest Myka comes to a romance is with HG Wells."

Also, Eddie McClintock doesn't support the idea of Myka and Pete being romantic during the show either.

So just... don't kill me, show.
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