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So, it has reached me too that this was the sample episode filmed for Lost Girl, and taking how different it was it explains a lot. Also, it makes me a bit sad to know what could've been.

Now I'm gonna go through the ep while keeping in mind that this is the very first episode they made, and therefore taking it as an indication for what they had in mind originally. Or like I see it anyway ;-)

First of all I have to say Bo was fierce and I loved it. Anna Silk was damn hot and I'm sad she wasn't kept like this. It's like I really saw her for the first time. And me likey.

"Who said anything about love. And you don't know that."

I mean... is this what they were going for in the beginning? That Lauren is the one she has more feelings for but is also the one unavailable, in more ways than one? Because that totally makes them the couple that should be in the end. This episode is almost shouting that.

"...taking things slow on that front would be good. For everyone. If they were ok with that."

Bo wants to take things slow with Lauren. Because it means something to her. More than what she has/had with Dyson.

"I fell in love with a human. I knew the rules and I ignored them. Seems crazy now."
"It's not that crazy."

Duuuuude. It's like right there!!! Even Lou sees it!

Lauren being all worried about Bo's behaviour with the Ash, so cute!

And the Ash... he makes me laugh. I know I'm supposed to take him seriously but please... LOL

"So she wasn't coming to kill me. She was just in my shower to what, loofa me?"

Not really that meaningful but I love the word loofa so it needs to be mentioned. Ok, now I have pictures of Lauren with a loofa in my head... and it suddenly became relevant!

I love the little sigh and eyeroll from Lauren when the Ash says they can use her relationship with Bo. She's not happy. The whole exchange tells us Lauren has feelings for Bo, doesn't want anything to happen to Bo but at the same time she has to do what she's told.

"And who would want to live it with me?"

She does! SHE DOES!!!

And then... AND THEN! *whimper* I have no words...

There's the romantic music, and it's all so... beautiful. I mean... I don't care what the Ash told her to do!!! Lauren has wanted that woman from the start and she's into it all the way. No one can deny that. She doesn't give a fuck that Bo rips her collar away. (Ok, I was wrong, obviously she cares. It makes her want Bo even more. I swear...) She just wants her.

And Bo... oh Bo. It's like she's lost her heart.

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren... you can fix this. You loooooooove her, and you're meant to be.

This all said I admit the whole thing is so inconsistent it can make a person's brain hurt. But I'm gonna try not to think about it that much. I can't be sorry that this episode was made or that it was made part of the show even though it is different. There is no way to be sorry that this episode exists. If there was one episode I wanted there to be it would be this. Some people see what happened in the end between Bo and Lauren as depressing and can't probably be happy about what happened before that. It's not true for me. I didn't want to see it end like that but I can't help my elation about this episode in general and it overrides the impact of the end. This is tv, this is fantasy tv. It's not some fucked up drama show. This is fantasy/action/supernatural/whateveryouwannacallit, and not the worst kind. And it has two women openly attracted to each other, openly caring for each other, and sleeping together, on screen! Now tell me when has that happened before? When have we been treated to something other than subtext or the occasional kiss between women in a show of this genre? Yes, we see women shag in dramas but dammit, when do you see this, between characters that are around for more than one episode, in a show like this? I can't say! And that to me is so huge that I can't help it, I'm happy. I have this irrational hope because of the clear expression of caring from both Lauren and Bo, a hope that maybe, just maybe this is far from over. They can't have them be all happy together now, this isn't that kind of show, and there's the triangle to consider. But... am I really that blind to be so hopeful now? Or is it just because of the hype and it'll all be gone by the next episode? I don't know, maybe that's what will happen. But right now I'm gonna enjoy this high. I'm gonna enjoy that I saw all this happen. However this show ends there was one episode where Bo loved Lauren and Lauren loved Bo. They can't take that away from us anymore. So I can't help it. I think it's great.

ETA: I thought about it (because obviously, what else could I do) and it occurred to me that Willow and Kennedy were shown in bed together, right? There was tongue, or something... I wasn't really paying attention. But has it really been that long?


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