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This is the end of the season. The previous clip I posted was actually from eps 110 & 111. Not much Jackie's bad acting in this but damn there's a lot of crying from Layla's part, it almost got comical though of course her situation was really bad so it's understandable.

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Much improvement in the time on screen this week. And it's the reality-hits-them-right-in-the-face episode, also known as 'Jackie'-can't-act-again episode. But hopefully also Layla-got-her-wake-up-call episode. Well, it's an episode anyway.

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Well this is getting more pathetic every episode but here are the few scenes. Argh.

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Here are the scenes from episode 108. Very few and very short. Damn.

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Here are scenes from Kick episode 107 featuring Layla and Jackie. Too bad it ends way too soon...

Damn shows with too many characters that don't have enough screentime for the lesbians )
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Kick is an australian series that I've been watching and yes, it's because I read there's a lesbian in it (I'm so shallow...). The show is a bit nutty but Layla and Jackie are very cute and therefore I must share the cuteness with people who haven't seen it. As a background info Layla is supposed to marry this guy (whose name isn't important) but she's obviously not very happy about it. And then she meets Jackie...

So, here are two compilations from eps that have aired so far

Yes, behind the cut we go )

Let's hope these won't get deleted from YouTube...


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