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Bridget Regan Wonder Woman 2
by ~swidhalm on deviantART

She'd be so perfect. Holy Hannah this pic is awesome.

And here's another...

Bridget Regan as Wonder Woman by ~swidhalm on deviantART

This needs to happen.
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Finally! It's not the live action one but it's still Wonder Woman. I was a bit disappointed with New Frontier because there was so little WW in it. No, I haven't read the comic yet so I don't know if her role in it was bigger but I figured that when you have Lucy Lawless as the voice for WW you should have her on screen as much as possible. Anyway, I'm very happy that there's a movie coming that will (hopefully) focus solely on WW. Woo!
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Stupid Dodson! This is just great. Go and ruin Gail's debut like that. Gail's books are rarely late and now thanks to the artist the one that definitely didn't need to be late will be. DC, you suck.
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Since all the new comics this week I have to read have either something to do with Amazons Attack or Countdown I think I'll just focus on other comics I've read lately and actually liked.

Beware picspam )
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Yeah, I made another music vid. This episode of Justice League has been screaming for it in my head for long already and I finally gave in. And then looked for a suitable song for days... and days. It's always a pain, my taste in music is apparently not very compatible with music video making. But now it's finished and here it is. Wonder Woman/Princess Audrey in Justice League episode Maid of Honor. Music is Kiss - I'll Fight Hell To Hold You.

Video behind the cut )
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I should read more titles than the ones I'm reading now. If half of what I read is either boring or plain sucky it's just not right. I need to expand my horizon...

So this was all so depressing that I decided to cheer myself up with some Batman comedy. These are from a funny comic online called Shortpacked!

I'm Batman.
Batman is comedy gold. He can make anything funny.
Best at everything.

Hilarious. I feel so much better now.

(I actually wrote this thing during the weekend already but couldn't post it, again. Apparently firefox and livejournal don't always like each other. Have to try some other browser.)

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Time for a little ranting and other stuff. Comics of the week it is, with a little news from BBC thrown in...

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I've been totally lacking on the inspiration to write anything department for the week. And now suddenly I have loads to say when I should be working. Typical. Oh well, here we go...

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Time to say something again.

P.S. Yeah I changed the appearance, I liked the one I had but it was acting weird so I decided to try something else. Might change it again though because it's just not right...
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This time on pick a pic (I know, I'm so bad at coming up names for these I should be punished, but what can you do when there's no volunteers...)

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The news that many are not surprised to hear has finally been revealed: Gail Simone is going to be the new writer for Wonder Woman (after two issues by J. Torres). I might comment on this later, too tired to think now.
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So it took me days before I could even consider writing anything again after that... thing with BoP and Gail. Sigh...
Anyways, life goes on.


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