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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away I may have said something about writing some sort of review/squee post about Batwoman: Elegy. The fact that such post hasn't appeared doesn't mean I still haven't read the comic, or that I didn't find anything to squee about in it. It just means I've had lack of inspiration for a long time. But now... behold the post that should've been way earlier.

(Please note that I'm currently in denial about what's happening in September apart from the fact that Batwoman is finally, FINALLY, starting.)

Obviously there will be major spoilers. Also, a few big images because I like my comics big. )
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Recent news make me feel like this right now.

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*does a little happy dance*

Finally they told what else Gail will be working on. Makes me so very happy :-D

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I think so anyway... I'm back from zombieland, that's for sure. For the past couple of months I've been focusing all my energy in working and figuring out what to do next with my life. Well, it didn't do me much good. Once again I have nothing to do and I'm still here although this is the last place I want to be. But that also means I can focus more of my attention to lj again. I have some stuff I've been meaning to do for a while now, and FoL has been trying to grab my attention again. Time to get things rolling (I hope).

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Time to catch up, been too long. Topics include Birds of Prey, the last part of Homosexuality in Comics, Painkiller Jane, Justice League: The New Frontier and Y: The Last Man.

Spoilers I guess but mostly news )
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Here we go, now I even have something to say...

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Comic Book Resources posted the first installment in their look at homosexuality in comics. It introduces five of the people taking part in the discussion: Marc Andreyko, Lillian Diaz-Przbyl, Devin Grayson, Terrance Griep and Mark Millar. I found the Devin Grayson bit particularly interesting.
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Since all the new comics this week I have to read have either something to do with Amazons Attack or Countdown I think I'll just focus on other comics I've read lately and actually liked.

Beware picspam )
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Time for the weekly look at what I read. This week everything was much better and no boring or infuriating stuff were included. Well I did read Countdown too but don't want to spoil the goodness with it so won't say anything about it (not that I'd have much to say anyway).

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I should read more titles than the ones I'm reading now. If half of what I read is either boring or plain sucky it's just not right. I need to expand my horizon...

So this was all so depressing that I decided to cheer myself up with some Batman comedy. These are from a funny comic online called Shortpacked!

I'm Batman.
Batman is comedy gold. He can make anything funny.
Best at everything.

Hilarious. I feel so much better now.

(I actually wrote this thing during the weekend already but couldn't post it, again. Apparently firefox and livejournal don't always like each other. Have to try some other browser.)

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Time for a little ranting and other stuff. Comics of the week it is, with a little news from BBC thrown in...

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I've been totally lacking on the inspiration to write anything department for the week. And now suddenly I have loads to say when I should be working. Typical. Oh well, here we go...

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I should be doing workstuff but I'll just write this here first...

Spoilers )
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Ok, so I feel like writing something again. On to the comics land...

Spoilers )
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Time to say something again.

P.S. Yeah I changed the appearance, I liked the one I had but it was acting weird so I decided to try something else. Might change it again though because it's just not right...
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Pick a Pic

Apr. 11th, 2007 11:15 pm
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Ok, so I have this need to post pics that I like, from comics and elsewhere too. And since I came across this particular pic the other day, right before that Gail news (yes, I'm still on about that) I thought it would fit just nicely for this occasion.

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So it took me days before I could even consider writing anything again after that... thing with BoP and Gail. Sigh...
Anyways, life goes on.

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And that's how a day going perfectly well can suddenly change completely.

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Have to get something off my chest and since I created this place just for that here goes...

P.S. What the hell does quixotic mean?!


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