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*sigh* Why can't I just move to Denmark...?

Is there a point to this post? Well, Ikast (or FCM, whatever) just made it to the next round in the Champions League which is fantastic. And Katja has been playing again after her operation and it's always a joy to watch. Handball rules! That's all.

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It’s been so long since my trip now it’s probably time to post my travel report. Ok, I’ve had some trouble writing it because I’ve had a lot on my mind since coming back but can’t wait any longer so here goes...

I won’t recap the whole week, I’ll just focus on the highlights.

It was all about handball... (lots of bad pics included) )
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Almost the time now. Just 36 hours and I'll be on that plane. I'm terrified and so excited I can hardly sit still. I have no idea how I'll survive but hopefully I will. Can't miss all the cool stuff. But seriously, there's not really any reason for me to be posting this except...

More pretty pictures!!! )

Like I said, no idea how I'll survive... but I'm going anyway.

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A few months ago I didn't really pay any attention to handball. It was just one of those weird sports that I don't really understand. But now... well now I watch handball. A lot. Handball isn't a big thing in Finland for whatever dumbass reason so I had no idea what a big deal it is in other countries. But I'm happy to say my eyes have been opened and I'm slowly learning.

There's a very good reason why this new obsession started and I have a feeling some already know what that is. But let's have a reminder since it has been a while since the Olympics and those wonderful posts by [ profile] lysachan ...

Pretty pictures ahoy )

ETA: I've been told by the fantastic person who filmed that video from Katja that it was actually Katja's idea to make it. And I was told that I have to correct this misinformation so here is that correction. I was also told to stop fangirling and squeeing after I found out about this because I apparently sounded very embarrassing. But no, I won't stop. How cool is it that it was her idea?! *faints*

ETA2: One more correction I was told to make: ...that it was actually Katja's idea to make it INSTEAD OF THE CALL. (there, is it ok now??)


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