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I thought Nancy McKeon had retired from acting but guess not. She'll be on Without A Trace next week. Very cool!

Also, if there ever was a t-shirt I wanted, this would be it. Because it's simply true. I'll probably have to get one made for myself.

I haven't been posting much lately but I'll try to correct that at some point. I'm "working" at the moment and 9 hour days with wake up at 5am is taking all my energy. Not that there's ever too little energy to squee about something related to FoL.
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I've been lacking inspiration for FoL music vids but I promised myself already before FoL month that I would make this one so I had to. Guess it turned out ok, I don't know. At least it's extra-mushy. It's mostly in slo-mo and some might find that annoying. I know I do and I made it! Why am I telling you all this...? Let's just get to the point. This is my last vid for FoL month and probably last FoL vid, for a while anyway. Time to do something else next. The song is Everything by Lifehouse.

All the stuff's behind the cut )

No fun

Oct. 14th, 2007 02:26 pm
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I just realised that the animated icons I made are too big. For some reason I had the idea that the max size that can be used was 50kB but now I saw that it's really 40kB. Damn. Now I have to do them all over again.
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The Day is finally here. Time for a celebration!

This way to the party, Peekskill style, everyone's invited )
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This is all because I've been so bored and had to do something while having creative difficulties with some music videos. The same as before still applies: the source for most of these is bad quality... blah blah blah... I suck at this... blah blah blah... do what you will with them. But I did have fun making the animated ones, I'm so easily amused. These are mostly JoBlair but there's few others too, 37 in total.

P.S. I have no excuse for #31, I just found it funny.

  1.     2.    3.

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Yes, October has finally arrived. Woohoo!!! And of course I have to stick a new music video here because of it. Ha!

Title: Still
Fandom: The Facts of Life
Pairing: JoBlair
Archiving: P&P if ralst wants it

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Saw [profile] blackrosebard and [personal profile] elfcat255 do this so of course I had to also. Pffff.

I think we should all do this about whatever our fannish bliss is at the moment. Lets make it so that today it is impossible to turn around on LJ without running into a list of joy about some show or another. Who's with me? C'mon, I challenge you. A list of ten things that you love about your current fandom(s) posted to LJ and a challenge to all of your f'list to do the same.

I just watched two eps of The Facts of Life again, and since it's 24 days until October (yes, my countdown is keeping me informed) I'm building inspiration for vids and this will work just fine. I'll probably miss some important points here because I've never been good at explaining why I like something.

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I started watching FoL from the beginning of season 2 today (don't ask me why I'm watching them only now) and all the subtext is killing me. I've only watched 4 episodes and I'm not sure I can take much more. This show is going to be the death of me. Well, at least it's not a bad way to go.

ETA: I bravely made it to ep 7 and then Blair had to go and say this: "Someday, after you've finished at Eastland and graduated from the right college, you'll be ready for a real marriage, complete with floral arrangements and Bobby Short (?) at the piano, and me..." That's when I dropped. It was just too much squee for my brain to handle. It's a cruel, cruel world.
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I realised I suck at making mv's because I have no patience. Well it's been a known fact for a long time that I have no patience. But whatever, I'm not gonna let it stop me, I have to do something because I'm bored out of my mind.

This is a stupid vid. Don't try to tell me otherwise because I know better. It just happened to be the only idea I had at the time. And then I lost that idea along the way and now it's just... stupid. But who cares, I like it anyway. So here it is, my stupid Jo/Blair mv. Have I said stupid enough now?

And with this I'd like to honor the fact that [personal profile] lysachan has joined the FoL fangirling. No, I'm not calling you stupid, it's purely coincidental and I can't make another one that wouldn't be stupid right now.

ooh, even the cut is stupid )

I'm gonna feel so stupid after pushing that send button...

This is it

Aug. 9th, 2007 09:36 pm
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I'm officially 30 now. And it has been a much better birthday than what I thought it would be. I was afraid I'd spend the day depressed but it's been just the opposite. My party isn't until Saturday so I wasn't expecting any presents either. But [personal profile] elfcat255 and [personal profile] darandkerry made this day special with their amazing gifts. And thanks to [personal profile] anomalys I was able to end the day with a great FoL ep. So all in all this day was a pleasant surprise and I want to thank everyone who helped make it that.

Ok, let's just end this with a funny pic and I'll be on my way :-)

Yes, it's Jo, dressed as a bunny for Blair's birthday. The things she does for her girl... I love FoL.
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I'm here with a new music video. Oh dear goddess... I needed a distraction and decided to get this done. It just proved to be very difficult. Right, what else is new... I also seem to be having a difficult time combining scenes from Jo with ponytail and Jo without ponytail. I don't know why, it's strange. I'm working on it though, really. Music is Come Down To Me by Saving Jane.

hop hop *thud* )
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The big 3 and 0 is two days away and now I'm starting to get depressed. Don't ask me why. Anyway, I practiced making animated icons and made this to cheer myself up a bit.

Heh, it's silly but it makes me smile. Job done.
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I've been watching The Facts of Life for two days. And then I got bored when I ran out of episodes. This is the result. My apologies. The source for the caps is not good quality as can be seen. I just couldn't resist, they're too cute.

 1.    2.    3.  

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I know, I know, this is getting to be a serious obsession but I can't help it, this little scene between Jo and Blair just melted my tiny heart.

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I'm all about The Facts of Life at the moment. And of course that means I had to make a music video about Jo & Blair. I'm just not happy with it, it's somehow... boring. But make your own judgment. Maybe I'm just generally bored with everything at the moment. Music is Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse.

behind the cut like it should )
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Yeah, I'm at it again. Blah blah... I suck at this... blah blah... Let's just get it over with.

Source for these is not good quality, and me fiddling with the brightness and stuff isn't always a good thing. If someone can make them better go ahead.

  1.    2.    3.

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Because of my still growing love of Jo and The Facts of Life I'll post a part of an ep that would make me swoon all over the place if I was the swooning type. It's episode 509 Small But Dangerous and the scene where Jo goes to Kelly to get the money back is at the moment my favorite Jo scene. And look at those boots!

Video behind the cut )
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Since I haven't been able to find much The Facts of Life icons I decided to use my nonexistent artistic skills and make some as a challenge to anyone more capable to spare people from more of my poor attempts (ok, was that self-deprecating enough?). Here they are, the videos I capped aren't very good quality. If someone can make them better go ahead.

ETA: I took these off because they sucked, posted new ones that suck a bit less, can be found here.
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Yes, Painkiller Jane pretty much sucks. I know... But I can't help but be happy to see Kristanna Loken every time I suffer through it. I blame The L Word for it, it's what got my Kristanna obsession started. So I try to be a good fangirl and just stick with it. I hate watching bad shows. I so hope something good enough to make it all worthwhile is in the future.

And I should finish watching the new Doctor Who season. I stopped because I just couldn't like Martha, I still miss Rose. But now that the season is over guess I have to. Why can't there be any tv shows anymore that are a joy to watch? I miss good tv...

Anyway, now that I mentioned good tv... I was supposed to write about going all fangirl for The Facts of Life but then the dog died and obviously don't feel like it right now. The show is a new thing for me, I've never seen it before. A while ago when I was working on my Tribute to Femslash music vid I tried to look for shows with subtext I didn't know about before and ran into it. Some kind person has been posting episodes on YouTube and I decided to give it a look. I was instantly hooked. Well I guess I should be honest and say I was instantly hooked on Jo. She was just wow. Yes, I have a thing for those tomboy types, and she had me the first time I saw her. So of course I kept on watching. And I kept on falling for her even more every episode. And then I started to see the interaction between her and Blair. And yeah, it was a moment of 'hello there'. You know there's something serious going on when you're watching these two together and all you can do is yell "would you kiss her already!". So now I'm a fan. And I seem to have written a long thing about it anyway... Oh well.


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