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Hope it's been a nice day. Wish I had something great to give you but mind is a blank and all that.

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The second ep of 3Way was a bit meh but the third was hilarious once again. I love Andrea being a bad loser because mad Jill is hot. Jill was hot in this ep, very much so. And one other thing... Jill and Maeve making out? I died.

Episode 3: Let the Gaymes Begin, Part 3 )


Feb. 5th, 2008 12:31 pm
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I watched the first ep of 3Way yesterday and I must say I liked it. Ok, so the camera work wasn't very high quality but the good acting and funny lines made up for it. Maeve Quinlan is fantastic, Maile Flanagan absolutely hilarious and it doesn't hurt seeing Jill Bennett making out with a lady so much. It would be great if someone picked it for tv but who knows.

Episode 1: Let The Gaymes Begin, Part 1 )
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I have to post this pic because it's simply hot. It's from a photoshoot for the upcoming movie And Then Came Lola.

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I've said before that the vlog We're Getting Nowhere is the funniest thing I've ever seen but latest ep (about South of Nowhere ep 308) is something beyond... All I'm saying is if you haven't watched it yet you should. Seriously.

Here are just two of the many reasons to watch it.

Yeah, that's Maeve and Mandy, and look what they're wearing...

Jill caused a lot of heart attacks. Yes, one over here too.

All I'm saying...
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Dante's Cove is mostly about pretty guys getting it on but now it just might be worth suffering through because of Michelle Wolff and Jill Bennett. Ok, I'm sure it's worth it. Just the thought of them, together even... *thud*

Jenny Shimizu doesn't really do anything for me but Michelle and Jill...

Here's the trailer for the new season (behind the cut like it should be). )
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I haven't posted anything all week because my brain is pretty much empty at the moment. So I just decided to recommend watching's new South of Nowhere video log if you feel like laughing. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time as I did watching this. And to top (hee!) that, Jill Bennett is wearing a tank top that makes a lot of viewers happy...

Yeah... definitely worth watching...


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