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Yeah, I'm sure I watched other shows this week but Legend of the Seeker broke me. It took me twice the time of the episode to watch it because I had to stop so many times to squee and cool off. So all this post is about is Legend of the Seeker. THE MOST EPIC SHOW EVER.

First of all I'm so very glad they had a good backstory for Cara and Dahlia. After seeing the preview pics I was hoping this would be the case because they gave me the impression Dahlia has feelings for Cara. But all my expectations were exceeded a million times. Oh show, I did not think that was possible anymore, thank you.

by the awesome [ profile] lrbcn 

The tongue! THE TONGUE!!!

Ahem... anyway, no matter how much hotness happens between Cara and Dahlia I'm all about Cara and Kahlan. So no unf here. Yes, I still refuse to admit it publicly! Moving on.

When Kahlan stroked Cara's arm and held her hand (she did!)... oi. Took a long break after that.

And lol, look at jealous!Kahlan before the touching!

Also had to stop and laugh when this happened:

We know, Kahlan. We know.

Then my little rant:
If Cara was indeed broken Kahlan better be the one who gets through to her. I know all she talked about was Richard but dude, she doesn't know if she can trust Dahlia! AND THEN SHE'S IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY! You don't tell them everything! If you have the hots for certain Mother Confessor YOU DON'T GO TELLING THAT TO THE BAD GUYS! If they assume all you care about is Richard then FUCKING FANTASTIC! I'm just sayin'. I know I'm totally biased watching the show but her whole 'oh what a feeling' arc has been revolving around Kahlan. If Richard is the one who brings her back from the dark side it's more like her changing Lord Rahls again, not about all those pretty feelings she experienced with Kahlan. I refuse to believe it was all about Richard. While Cara is being tortured all Richard is interested in is shagging Kahlan. Luckily Kahlan has the brain to realize what miserable timing Richard's libido has.

One more point: Isn't it obvious that Darken might be lying when he says that the boy was killed? I can see season 3 and the story of the missing son... Yes, season 3 dammit!

I love this show so much I don't know how I'll take it if it's cancelled. I'll survive but damn, the world will suck so much more.

I vote Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell for gods!


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