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Slacking already but I was away so I have a good reason. Three weeks in one it is.

Lost in Austen

Mainly wanted to see this just because of Jemima Rooper and Christina Cole. Didn't know Alex Kingston would be in it too so that was a pleasant surprise. So the whole thing was that if Lizzie wasn't around Pride & Prejudice would go "completely tits". It was entertaining at times but overall a bit boring. Probably because the magic of the 'real' Pride & Prejudice wasn't there. If it had been mainly comedy it would've been better. Or maybe it was but I just didn't get the joke. Ok, I'm sure there were a lot of jokes I didn't get. Ok, I probably didn't get most of them. But goodness indeed, Caroline Bingley and her heart that's only touched by Sappho's poetry... That was awesome.

Legend of the Seeker

* 2x16 Desecrated

Everyone and their mother has already squeed about this and it has deserved all of it. Cara needs to just give in and give Kahlan the Kiss Breath of Life she so obviously is craving for. "Kill me!" "No, kill me!" No!" Chick!fight ensues. Classic. If Cara had only said what she really wanted to say and told Kahlan she loves her. Maybe later...

* 2x17 Vengeance

Kahlan is laughing at Cara's joke about Richard! But they're still not listening to Cara when they really should. A boring ep though the fight!porn made up for it... I love this show.


Why am I still watching this? Guess there's something I'm interested in since there isn't even any lesbian characters. It's not because of Elizabeth Mitchell, she's great but not that great. Maybe it's just the fact that it's V. That bugger fascinated me so much when I was a kid.

Doctor Who

My problem with this show has always been that it just can't pull me in. I still keep watching it for some reason. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad show and it can be entertaining at times. I just usually fail to care and that's always bad. I've only cared about Rose and well, she's not around anymore. I'll still keep watching though. Always for the companions. The new one's rather pretty.

United States of Tara

Obviously Tara should've told the others what was going on, and she should've done something other than let Buck have his way and then after weeks go and break Pammy's heart. Feel bad for Buck and Pammy, they were happy together. Bad Tara, bad. But I have to admit I find it hilarious she's her own therapist now.

South Park

* 14x03 Medicinal Fried Chicken

This show never fails to gross me out. Gotta love it.

* 14x04 You Have 0 Friends

Awesome. As someone not completely addicted to FB but still enough to wish she could quit while not being able to I loved this ep. Stan is my hero.

"Dude, fuck Facebook, seriously."

"Stan, poke your grandma!"


I was pissed off at first that they made Janis the bad guy, or at least that's what we're supposed to think at the moment. But then after reading other people's take on it realized that she indeed suddenly became a big part of the storyline and that's what I'd been bitching about, that she doesn't really have a big part in the story itself. Well now she does, so more reason to have her on screen. Excellent. MAKE IT HAPPEN! But I sure the heck hope she didn't really sleep with Demetri. I don't care if he's nice and her friend. It's gross.

Tin Man

I wanted to watch Wizard of Oz but all I have is Tin Man so I ended up finally watching it. And... I was mostly bored. Zooey Deschanel was disappointing. Actually liked Kathleen Robertson more. Cute Toto though. The dog version I mean. Only got my hopes up when they started talking about the seeker and I hoped for a second that Kahlan might appear too. But no such luck. Oh well, now I have Wicked to watch. I usually hate musicals so I hope it'll be worth it.
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