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Here we go again. Including the cute lesbian couple that never was.


I had only watched three first eps before so I had a marathon. It had hits and misses. But I enjoyed Eliza in this more than in Tru Calling. It's nice to see her in different roles in the same show. But dude, not cool... Erin had like one line in two episodes, and five seconds of screentime. I'm glad she gets better parts now.

Second season bugged and bored me. Maybe I watched too much too fast. I don't know... just bleh. The last four eps were ok though.

So what about the gay content they promised would be there? Right... They did tell that the dolls have been used for same sex romantic encounters. That's totally enough, right? That little almost kiss between Whiskey and Echo in some memory was just plus!

Oh right, there was a gay character! She was in two episodes total, that's awesome! And they revealed she's gay in the last ep. That's so cool, very Law & Order of them. Love it! Not. I can't help it, when it comes to the "almighty" Whedon who everyone bows down to I expect more than subtext. Apparently I shouldn't. Mea culpa. Ok fine, so I'm not fond of the guy in general so it affects my opinions. But still, there should've been more. Even if just have Caroline really seduce Bennett. Onscreen, dammit!

30 Rock 4x16 Floyd

The dreams about Kenneth were hilarious. The ending was the best. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Dude, please do.

South Park 14x02 The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

"Motherfucker! I read the whole thing. I read the whole fucking thing. I kept thinking alright, I guess the cool offensive stuff must be coming. And then after like a hundred pages I was like alright, I guess all the dirty stuff is at the end. And then I got to the last page! And I was all what the fuck is this! I just read a book, for nothing!" I have so been right there.

Poor Sarah Jessica Parker.

FlashForward 1x13 Blowback

Same drill as last week, can't face watching it otherwise.

- Ooh, Agent Hawk in the 'previously' segment, that's promising
- Yeah, that was smart... *eyeroll*
- I'm sure all these other storylines are supposed to be interesting but I could not care less. And for frak's sake I'm so tired of watching these same flashforward bits over and over again
- Ooh, Janis at home, in bed... no no no! Don't stop showing that! Damn... *rewind*
- Oi, it seems my eyes are gonna be rolling a lot
- Bored now
- "Tell somebody who cares." Now there's a quote that sums up this show
- Yeah... obviously Janis won't have a big part in this ep, maybe we'll see her once more for 10 seconds, peeing on a stick or something. Woo.
- Janis, thumbs up. Just talking about baby, thumbs down.
- Is it just me being bored with this show or are people repeating themselves all the time?
- Oh, the pretty soldier is getting shipped to Siberia. This side up, please.
- For frak's sake, just pummel each other for a while and get it over with.
- Yeah yeah, you're an animal, whatever.
- Dear me, Janis is having a beer with Demetri. It's like... they know each other or something.
- Ha, Janis had to tell him the obvious. "Get rid of that gun." Duh.
- Birdwatching in Somalia! Can't wait!
- Demetri's fiance bugs me to no end. I kinda want to poke my eyes out when she shows up. No, I don't have anything against Gabrielle Union, it's all because of the character.
- Yeah yeah, you're badass, whatever.
- Bugger, pretty soldier package was sent to Kandahar instead of Siberia.
- Janis seemed kinda pleased to see Simon is going to Somalia.
- Argh! Someone ship this fiance person to Kandahar too! And drop the package from the plane, preferably without a parachute.
- Ha ha, the gun is gone. Bet annoying fiance is gonna blow a gasket now. I hope she gets an aneurysm.


I finally finished season 2. Must say I was surprised that the second to last episode actually delivered on why I started watching this series in the first place. I wasn't expecting it because I'd started to doubt the whole 'Anya likes the ladies' thing was just my imagination. That's why I'm not even pissed that she still ended up sleeping with Tom. But it is a pity, I really liked Judy. She was all smitten and didn't even end up being a psycho or anything. Which seems to be exact opposite of what Anya's looking for taking that she wants Tom. Ok, maybe I am a bit bitter. But they actually made me go 'awww' so you can't blame me.

Legend of the Seeker 2x15 Creator

Clipshow patient, blah.

They never listen to Cara. "That's absurd." Yes it is.


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