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Since I can't come up with much posting I decided to start making a list of what I've watched during the week. And then possibly make a comment or two about it. With very few words in most cases because yeah, that's what I do. Fascinating stuff.

Skins 4x08 (I refuse to call the ep Naomi, to me it's Everyone)

I'm really happy that Naomi and Emily had a happy ending but it was so rushed because of everything squished in one episode that I can't be happy about the way it was done. Naomi would've deserved a whole episode, we would've deserved to see a whole episode of Naomi! And a little more of the happy couple at the end. So the whole thing left me feeling mainly blah. Later I watched just the Naomi & Emily scenes and it made me feel much better about the end. But I'm still mad Naomi didn't get a whole ep because she's awesome.

FlashForward 1x11-1x12 Revelation Zero

I wrote stuff while watching because I get too bored with the show if I'm not doing something else too.

- Blab blah blah
- Agent Hawk!
- Blah blah blah
- Agent Hawk!
- Awww Janis, don't go get the beer, just give him the finger or something. And lights out for Janis again... poor girl.
I hate that her storyline doesn't have anything to do with the investigation which makes her such a side character in everything.
- Ok, can this "villain" be any lamer.
- Shocking, the paper was picked up by the wind. Guess his brilliant mind doesn't bother with simple things like that. "Nooo, you mean wind! Bring back my pathetic call for help!"
- Damn I hate them showing these same bits of the flashforwards over and over and over again. Dudes, they're seared to our brains already!
- Ooooh, the "villain" found the pathetic call for help! There's gonna be trouble.
- Fucking flashes! We get it! He was drinking! It's horrible! Now stop showing it!
- I wish I had a blackout during the boring parts of this show...
- And once again Janis is absent. It's a good way to keep her away, just have someone attack her!
- Blah blah blah, god god god, whatever.
- This whole 'following clues from the future thing' bugs me in so many ways but I won't go there, it's just a huge can of worms not to be opened.
- Uh oh, here comes the finger cutting.
- Bored now.
- Agent Hawk! Woo, she gets in on the action! Agent Hawk with a gun! Aaaand after a few seconds she's gone. Sigh.
- LOL, splatter! Nice shot, mr triggerfinger. Didn't he notice in his flashforward that there was something missing from his hand? Well ok, I suppose when you're killing someone all your focus tends to be in that.
- Ooh, I'm shocked it was mr triggerfinger at the ballpark. But excuse me, where did he get his flashforward then? Yeah yeah, don't ask... never ask.
- Blah blah blah
- Agent Hawk! Ha ha, they own him... I love when she looks all bored.
- lol, she said dude...
- Ok, the stuff between Agent Hawk and mr triggerfinger is kinda entertaining. Maybe they could keep pairing them up and then Janis would have more screentime.
- Oh crap, don't leave him alone... it's a trick! Duh!
- Of course she found him. Oh, his name is Simon. Yeah, I knew that...
- Leash on the dog, alright. I wanna see her do that.
- lol, yeah these two are fun together.
- Here we go again, shocking...
- The "villain" is Uncle Teddy, whatever
- lol, he made up his flashforward? Oh no he didn't... nice... go Simon!
- Ooooh, he's killing a lot in this ep.
- Yeah yeah, the only reason I like him is that they put Janis with him. As long as she gets more screentime it's fine with me. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be bothering with this show anymore. I get so bored with this conspiracy stuff. I have no patience for these 'we might give you answers in a few years, maybe possibly if we feel like it... or not' shows.

Yeah, that was some quality recapping...

South Park 14x01 Sexual Healing

Totally [ profile] dreiser 's fault I'm watching this show again. But it's still good so I don't mind. Poor Butters got completely obsessed with the bush... "It was just so big and bushy, Sir." I love Butters.

30 Rock 4x15 Don Geiss, America and Hope

Geiss in carbonite? LOL

Legend of the Seeker 2x14 Bound

This ep nearly killed me with the cuteness of caring Cara. Her whispered Kahlan was like "hello, you have just entered the maintext land, have a nice stay". And the Sister blowing up? Fucking hilarious.

I also saw the first two eps of United States of Tara season 2 and it's gonna be interesting...
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