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For me the best thing about Lip Service is Laura Fraser. I simply adore her. Even more after she said in an interview that she’d happily play a lesbian for the rest of her life. I would happily watch her play a lesbian for the rest of mine.

I get people siding with Cat and Frankie finding each other in the end and I can’t say I’m entirely against that option. They obviously have deep feelings for each other. But at the same time Sam the cop has managed to charm me a little and I don’t want to see her heart broken. Cat and Sam only so far had one very awkward date and it doesn’t make people feel much for them but I have an inkling that might change, especially after seeing this clip from ep 2:

*sigh* I sure felt that. I think Sam will have more fans in the future. And if the triangle with Cat, Frankie and Sam was emotionally draining for Laura I have no doubt it will be for me too. Right now Frankie is in the doghouse because she made Cat cry. That’s just not acceptable. Boo.

I don’t know what it is with Frankie that makes people fall all over her. I never saw the attraction in Shane (forgive me the comparison, I hate it too) and while I care more about Frankie than I ever did about Shane I just don’t feel it. I’m almost desperate to know what it is about these people that makes them so attractive when I can’t see it.

Overall, the show didn’t make me squee at any point, mainly because relationship dramas usually bore me to tears. But of course I’ll watch it, care about some characters too much, yell at the screen when something I don’t like happens, and then buy the DVD when it comes out. Because it’s British, it has Laura Fraser and it’s about lesbians I clearly have no other choice.


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