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I decided to put my hate for Angie Harmon on hold and check Rizzoli & Isles. And yeah, it's pretty damn slashy. So guess I'll have to watch it. I just have to take it easy first and stay away from the squee. It's not easy to bury such hate. But I'll try, for the slash.

I also started watching Warehouse 13. I've been looking for new shows to watch and so far only that has been interesting enough to continue. Hope it doesn't go bad. Watching this show makes me miss Middleman for some reason. Don't know why... I wanted to watch Covert Affairs but the mystery dream guy thing was too much for me. And ok, some other things too. Also checked out Haven but it was too meh. I'm very pleased though that Futurama is back. The latest ep was much fun. Gotta love the dancing cats. Trying to catch up with In Plain Sight too. I'm way behind and only now watching season 2.

So, is there a point to this post? Not really. I just haven't been in the mood to squee lately and been neglecting my fangirl duties. But I feel I have to post something. I'm trying to make a new vid but the right mood eludes me. I don't like hot summer. It drains the last of my non-existent energy. I hope I can get some of that energy back when my Batwoman Elegy finally arrives. It deserves squee, I know it.

I love Halestorm.


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