Jun. 21st, 2010 08:06 pm
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I don't squee much about comics anymore and I haven't squeed about my love for Rachel Maddow but I saw something today that made me squee so hard I just have to share it.


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I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Bridget Regan looks like Wonder Woman. Which gave me the idea to make a vid of Kahlan as Wonder Woman. I took the title song from the 70's Wonder Woman tv series (from season 1 with the fun lyrics) and turned LotS into another show :-P

Kahlan - Wonder Woman )
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This is just about the finale of Legend of the Seeker because obviously no matter what happened it was a big deal and I want to do my own post and I've never done a detailed one before and this might be my last chance. Besides, everyone loves picspams, right? Right.

Cara and Kahlan are in charge here )

I vote Cara and Kahlan for Lords of the Universe.

I know people are still trying to save the show even though the chances don't look good. I'm happy they're trying but I have to back away now and start adjusting to it being over. If a miracle happens then I'll be overjoyed but if it doesn't I have to be prepared. I will always love this show for the amazing things it has given us but right now for me this was the end. Cara & Kahlan lived happily ever after, together, in fanfiction.
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I was away for all of last week and haven't had time to watch all shows.

Legend of the Seeker, V, FlashForward )
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Yeah, I'm sure I watched other shows this week but Legend of the Seeker broke me. It took me twice the time of the episode to watch it because I had to stop so many times to squee and cool off. So all this post is about is Legend of the Seeker. THE MOST EPIC SHOW EVER.

I just need to let this stuff out so I can actually do something else today )
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So I went and promised at the Dollar Drive for LotS that I'd make the vid I've had bugging me for weeks now. I did want to make it but it's kinda embarrassing, I don't know why I get these ideas. But too late to complain, it's finished and has to be posted.

Title: Fetish
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker)
Song: Fetish by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Duration: 3:27
Episodes: up to 2x18
Note: I haven't a clue if this should have some kind of rating. All the clips are from the show but Joan sings what she sings...
Download: Megaupload (avi, 66MB)

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Yeah, I was going to eventually do my stupid little weekly recap for last week but I was so disappointed with the censoring of South Park and now everyone is saying that Legend of the Seeker has been cancelled so I can't. I just feel sad and want to throw up.
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Since I can't come up with much posting I decided to start making a list of what I've watched during the week. And then possibly make a comment or two about it. With very few words in most cases because yeah, that's what I do. Fascinating stuff.

Skins, FlashForward, South Park, 30 Rock, Legend of the Seeker, United States of Tara (there, list done) )
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I love Agent Hawk.

She likes the ladies... )
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The unrated DVD of Bitch Slap is available today but it’s gonna be a while until I get my copy. I decided to entertain myself with pretty pictures in the meantime.

Spoilers ahead, blah blah blah, also for deleted scenes, blah blah blah. It's pretty, how can you resist?!?

It's just pics and animations but it's worth it, I promise )
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Nothing new to see, just posting this so it's here too...

Cara/Kahlan - The Pure & The Tainted )
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I saw the pic first on a tabloid coming out of the grocery store and my eyes nearly popped out. Holy mother of women in uniform, I thank thee.

video under the cut... in which she strips the uniform off during the number... )
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I've been meaning to post clips from this show for months. Hey, I finally managed to get it done! Veronica is rude but she's grown on me and I adore her (liking Portia De Rossi more and more all the time is also helping). And Linda just wants to help. Veronica and Linda... could be something.

clips under the cut )
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Had to quote Bif Naked because I'm so bad with words. But I've been brought back to life by Bitch Slap! It's been too long. I can breathe again.

Also, I think I've somehow been changed by the awesome experience of watching that movie. I feel like my shallowness has been freed. And especially Erin Cummings has opened a whole new world for me...

Is it wrong to really really REALLY like this picture? A lot? Don't answer that, I don't care!

Thank you, Bitch Slap. Just... thank you.
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Just saw the best movie ever. I feel like floating. I love you, Bitch Slap.
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Rachelm42's YouTube account has been suspended!!! The subtitles, I need the subtitles!!! Damn you, TPTB, damn you all to where the sun don't shine!!! *cries*


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