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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away I may have said something about writing some sort of review/squee post about Batwoman: Elegy. The fact that such post hasn't appeared doesn't mean I still haven't read the comic, or that I didn't find anything to squee about in it. It just means I've had lack of inspiration for a long time. But now... behold the post that should've been way earlier.

(Please note that I'm currently in denial about what's happening in September apart from the fact that Batwoman is finally, FINALLY, starting.)

First things first... After reading the part about Kate leaving the military I understood why Rachel Maddow wrote the introduction. But Rachel is also a fan of Greg Rucka which is awesome. I love Greg for a number of reasons and I love that I have something in common with Rachel. Yes, I love Rachel that much. And hey, there was even an appearance by Dan Choi who I would not know if it wasn't for Rachel. I love you, Rachel. That is all.

Now on to the main feature...

My first times reading a story usually tend to be just a scratch of the surface. It's like I can't concentrate enough on the first run. So these thoughts tend to be rather shallow. Not that I have that many deep thoughts about comics in general, my brain usually isn't capable of going there when I'm just looking for entertainment and can't focus my limited brain activity to form bigger pictures and understand deeper meanings. That being said, my mind also has a tendency to wander so this is not all about Elegy.

The story was entertaining from the start but I didn't really fall in love until my shallow fangirl heart witnessed Maggie Sawyer hitting on Kate. That's when I declared 'I love this comic!'. Seriously. Out loud.

I was sad to learn that Maggie broke up with Toby because they had a long relationship but it was expected because Toby hasn't had a place in the comics where Maggie has appeared in a long time as far as I know. And seeing her flirt with Kate is worth it. I hope hope hope so fucking much that Maggie has a permanent place in Batwoman. She did meet Batwoman for the first time in the story in Detective Comics after Elegy, that's promising. I have a special place in my heart for her and think she deserves a bigger role in the DCU. And I don't care about them taking the only lesbian cop and pairing her with the lesbian hero like there are no other lesbians around. Having someone with an established background is just nicer. And she's a great character who has been underused. I could make a whole other post about me and Maggie Sawyer but not sure I'd ever get it done. It would mean reading doofus Superman and that would be boring.

Also, I hope they will have Renee make appearances. Obviously people who start reading Kate's story only from Elegy on are possibly not aware of all the history so they could just undermine it. Greg kept the connection alive but it's hard to say what the plans are now. Kate and Renee are the complicated couple that will never be (which is a bit sad but this is comics and everyone knows nothing lasts in them anyway). 52 established that they still care for each other and it was also clear in The Five Books of Blood. I hope it won't be forgotten now that Greg isn't around to take care of things for these characters. (I'll miss Greg writing these characters so damn much.)

Now that the most important stuff is covered...

Rereading 52 has made me see what Kate's part was in the Religion of Crime prophecies but I'm still confused about why she's so important to it. Because it's been made pretty obvious that the prophecy is indeed about her. So why? I'm assuming that I'm either missing something, the why is not important, or that it might've been an issue to be addressed in the future. Now that Greg is gone though it's a big Questionmark if it ever will come up again. It would be pity if Kate's (and Renee's) dealings with the religion come to an end now. Doubt people who were introduced to Batwoman by Elegy and haven't read the earlier stories would miss it much but I for one am desperate to understand what it all is about, and more importantly (duh) it's the big story that ties Kate and Renee.

Alice is a curious character and I love that she's Kate's twin sister. Very interesting twist and hopefully she'll be back. I prefer more reason behind hesitating to kill a psychopath than mere 'killing is wrong' mentality. Yes, I'm one of those people who thinks Batman should've had the guts to kill The Joker a long time ago. But it becomes a whole new ballgame when the psycho is your sister. Also, it gives more reason to bring her back outside stories involving the religion.

The art was good but it didn't wow me. It's just not the kind I prefer in my comics. And the pale skin... I would love to know what the reason behind it was. I can't for the life of me figure out why it is. (Getting stabbed in the heart and surviving does that???) I don't like it, it makes her look like she's dead. Maybe I wouldn't hate it as much if I knew the reason for it. Ok, and maybe the pale skin makes me like the art less than I would without it.

Guess I should also address somehow that the obvious change in Kate from her first appearance in 52 to what she's like in Elegy did leave me confused. But that's comics for you. Taking that it has been years and that she's been mostly absent it's understandable that big changes happen. And I can't say that I don't like the changes. Apart from looking like the dead I prefer this newer version of her.

I'm so happy that Batwoman will finally start in September. I love that she's a bat but still completely outside the 'bat family'. Keeping her separate makes her stand out and I hope it'll help with the sales. This book needs to succeed.

Wow, that's a lot of text for someone who has no thoughts...
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