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I haven't been posting much lately. I could try explaining why but it's all blah so why bother. I'll just get to the point which is Reese and Bianca. I adore Reese and Bianca, even now that it's all gone downhill. I can't help it, all the pretty is just... too pretty.

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I don't know what to feel about the coming season and what I've read about it but these 40 seconds sure have me sold because...

Spoiler warning, just in case )


Jun. 8th, 2008 04:23 pm
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"Julianne Nicholson's maternity leave is complete, and she will pair with Noth for their share of the upcoming 12 episodes."

Told ya she'd be back. *happy dance*

ETA: I knew there was something wrong with the title but I just couldn't figure out what... until now. It's the heat, I blame the heat...
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Yay! The Sarah Connor Chronicles DVD has a date. And they added lots of extras. Can't wait to get a look at those deleted scenes... My only complaint is that Summer isn't on the cover! Why the heck not?! But I'm so getting this.

Probably won't get Gossip Girl on DVD but just have to mention it because the cover is just too good. Yeah, the first I noticed was the ickyness of Serena and Dan but then I saw the look on Blair's face and couldn't stop laughing. Hee hee, Dan is sooo dead...
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I've been spending some time lately catching up on shows. Mostly my attention has focused on Life, Gossip Girl and Torchwood. While Torchwood is severely lacking on the femslashy subtext department (and yeah, nice way to end the season...) the other two, especially Gossip Girl, have more than made up for it.

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Saw a trailer for the new season and I only have one thing to say.

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What do you do when your favorite show ends? Part of me wants to weep. Even if we knew there was going to be another season I'd still feel like something died. It's strange.

Anyway, the last eps of the season aired last night. Lots of good stuff there. 'The Demon Hand' last week confused me a lot so I haven't commented on it and I won't. But I'll say something about these two.


Feb. 21st, 2008 12:57 pm
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I thought watching Mistresses was going to be one of those painful experiences that I have to go through in order to see a lesbian storyline. I don't usually like this relationship drama type thing. Watching Cashmere Mafia after the first couple of eps has been complete nightmare and The L Word is like a necessary evil. So imagine my surprise when I realized I was actually enjoying Mistresses. It got me so hooked I almost watched the whole series nonstop (I had to stop just because it got so late I had to sleep). How do the Brits do this? I don't get it. It had fantastic actors all around and Shelley Conn was an absolute joy to watch in her character's struggle to understand what was happening to her. Yeah, there was a lot of cheating and lying involved but it really didn't bother me much because the show's done so well. Simply a great series.

Here's a taste, Jessica and Alex scenes in episode 2 )
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I didn't squee about last weeks ep but it's not because it wasn't a good ep. Hellooo pull-ups. I just wasn't in the mood last week to post, that's all. It happens. But on to this week's ep...

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Is there a reason to squee about this ep?

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(like there wasn't enough already)

Attack of the Show visits the SCC Set )

Interview-lady: Do you think people are gonna miss Arnold?
Lena: We have Summer Glau. She's awesome. And she's hotter.

Lena, there are no words for how much I heart you.
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I officially decided that I love this show. I haven't felt this excited watching a tv show in a long time. So many things are great about it but... Sarah and Cameron are awesome. Even more so together. Ep 2 was a total Sarah/Cameron show. I'm not making this up, right? Others must've seen it too. It's right there! If Cameron wasn't a 'tin man' I'd say she's completely in love with Sarah. But the best part? Sarah tossing Cameron out the window. That was hilarious.

picspam behind the cut because I like to look at the pretty )
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Remember how all those months ago we were whining about January being too far away? Well it's January now. And it's THE time finally. The mother of all is here.

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This episode was very good. I'm liking the show even more now. And that's why I have to do a tiny picspam.

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Just a little babble about Cashmere Mafia, The L Word, The Brave One and Resident Evil: Extinction.

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New year, new layout. I've been dying to have a header on my journal for so long I finally decided to change the layout just so I could have one. So I spent most of yesterday getting the new layout the way I wanted, learning new things (after doing useless work for an hour) and using my non-existent photoshopping skills to make the header. But now things should be in order and I'm quite happy with the new look. At least I have a header now, yay! I was inspired by [ profile] the_girl_20's journal. Sorry, couldn't help it.

Anyway, The L Word should be starting on Sunday but I'm more excited about seeing Cashmere Mafia. I have no idea if I'll be able to like a show like that but because of Bonnie Somerville and Lourdes Benedicto I'm sure gonna give it my best effort.
Cuuuuutttt!!! )

ETA: I forgot why the return of The L Word is especially good... It means more 'We're Getting Nowhere' craziness!!!


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